Working as a 1st AC since 2012, Matt has worked in the UK and internationally on a large variety of productions - from features/television and short films, music promos and fashion films, to commercial adverts and online content. 

Matt finds long form and short drama productions an enjoyable source of expression from a support role. Drawing from earlier backgrounds in photography his eye has been trained for the screen but he is also known for his depth of understanding in the camera departments more technical aspects.

From an early age Matt studied analogue photography as a hobby and then formally through eduction. By the age of 19 he was using digital photography & manipulation as additions to the chemical processes. After his further education ended he was in demand as a photographer’s assistant, but opted to go back into education to chase a film career instead. His higher education opened up a whole new set of challenges, for which his photography background seamlessly transferred over into. Matt eagerly took on camera trainee roles after graduating, and worked his way up in the world of features & television. 

Matt is centred on making a life long career of camera assisting, with an occasional flirtation with operating. He prides himself on being a forward thinking assistant, who has a passion for the technical and mechanics, as well as an excellent eye for aesthetics - his ideal job involves a good deal pragmatic thinking as well offering quiet creative thoughts to his superiors.

“I have been very lucky and worked with amazing DPs & Directors. I'm always keen to meeting new crews and work on fantastic projects.”

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