I have been a focus puller since 2010 and feel privileged to have worked on a huge variety of productions, both in the UK and internationally.

Drama is my passion, specifically feature films, but also television, comedy and shorts. I admittedly find a fair amount of my assisting is on commercials, corporates, branded content, music promos and fashion films. However, this year my aim is to dedicate more time to long form drama.

I've always had an interest in photography - learning to shoot on a Zenit SLR at the age of 10. I continued this interest through formal study of analogue photography for 7 years - from 35mm neg & slide (monochrome & colour), through medium formats (645 neg & slide my preference) & finally into large formats (5x4" & 10x8"). By the age of 19 digital photography and post manipulation were just being seen as viable option to the chemical process (what with the giddying resolution of 3MP cameras and PowerPCs running PhotoShop 6.0!), and I began to adopt some of these digital tools & processes.

After studying at ND & HND levels of further education, I spent some time assisting. After about a year of going on shoots with photographers I realised that there was something missing, so took a year to earn enough money to go back into higher education. My university degree diversified my (up to now quite specific) education into video, audio, 3D, web & design. I quickly realised that film & video was my natural path, as I already had a good grounding in visual principals / theory.

Once I graduated the real learning began, as I was lucky enough be taken on to features & television as a camera trainee. I have since worked up to 1st AC and am focused (excuse the pun) on making a life long career of camera assisting. Although, I will be the first to admit I love camera operating - when given the chance! I was also one of the first UK technicians to get to grips with gimbals in shooting environments.

I have worked with some great DOPs & Directors, and am always looking forward to meeting new crews and working on fantastic projects.