Working as a Focus Puller since 2010, Matt has worked in the UK and internationally on a huge variety of productions, from features and short films, to fashion, music videos, corporate and commercial shoots. 

At heart a narrative film devotee, with a wide base of experience to draw on, Matt finds long form and short drama productions an enjoyable source of expression from a support role. His early background in photography trained his eye for the screen, and he is also known for his depth of understanding in the technical areas. 

From an early age Matt was fascinated by the design and mechanics of cameras, and was an avid collector of weird and wonderful models (mainly broken units from junk sales). He learnt how to his dads Zenit SLR by the tender age of 10; Choules became hooked on photography after gaining enough insight to operate the beaten up Russian relic. Following this passion, Matt studied analogue photography for 7 years: this path took him from 35mm neg & slide (monochrome & colour), through medium formats (645 neg & slide his preference) & finally into large formats (5x4" & 10x8") photographing and hand printing.

By the time he was 19, digital photography/manipulation were just being seen as viable and affordable additions to the chemical process, and so he embraced these new tools into his skill set. After his studies he was in demand as a photographer’s assistant, which he undertook for around 1.5 years, before opting back into study further. 

His degree course opened up a whole new playing field for Matt, who found his skills where seamlessly diversified into video, audio, 3D, web & design and his vision expanded rapidly. He had found his creative medium. Once he graduated, the real learning began. Snapped up as a camera trainee, Choules found himself in the world of features & television and has never looked back. Working his way up to 1st AC / Focus Puller, he is focused (excuse the pun) on making a life long career of camera assisting, and occasional operating.

In recent years Matt was one of the first UK technicians to get to grips with gimbals in the shooting environment, Matt has a passion for the technical and mechanics of production, as well as an excellent eye for aesthetics.

“I have worked with some great DOPs & Directors, and am always looking forward to meeting new crews and working on fantastic projects.”